IRS Threshold for Health Savings Accounts 2013

The following is only of interest to those of you who have (or, plan to implement) Health Savings Account (HSA) coverage:

We wanted to inform you that the IRS recently released the financial thresholds regarding Health Savings Account coverage for your plan year 2013.  Specifically, the data includes the new amounts regarding: (1) the maximum annual contribution amount that a participant can make towards his/her HSA (as well as the additional "catch-up" amount that participants over 55 can contribute); (2) the minimum deductible amount that a plan can have and still be considered a creditable High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP); and, (3) the maximum Out-of-Pocket amount that a HDHP can have.  For your reference, we have listed the amounts on a convenient table:






Maximum HSA Contribution for Plan Year:

 Self-Only ---


Family ---















Maximum “Catch-Up” Contribution (for Individuals who have attained the age of 55):


In addition to the amounts listed above ---















MINIMUM Amount of Deductible on HDHP:


Self-Only ---





















MAXIMUM Amount of Out-of-Pocket Expenses on HDHP:


Self-Only ---




















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